We provide guidance & supports (knowledge & technical) to clients in performing valuation, such as sources of surplus required for year end valuation; as well as perform valuation calculations / validations for a particular external appointed actuary.


We provide guidance & supports (knowledge & technical) to clients in setting up Prophet model from scratch (i.e. from blank library), including project management. Normally, it is better to setup the Prophet model from scratch (especially for takaful business) instead of modifying from a standard library – so that we have better controls & understanding on the models we have setup (not becoming a black box) and it is easier to maintain. Some of my clients face problems in their existing Prophet models as they are modified from the standard libraries.

In all our modeling projects, we always emphasize on our clients to “grow up” in term of technical skills & knowledge – i.e. our clients would know how the models work and they are able to maintain the models by their own (at least the simple model updates, such as setting up new products).

Process Enhancement

We enhance the clients’ processes in performing their actuarial reporting & valuation exercises. In one of our previous projects, we have assisted a client to setup & implement Visual FoxPro programs in their policy data manipulation & reinsurance administration processes, replacing the existing Data Conversion System (“DCS”) programs (due to their data complexity).

Furthermore, we also establish proper & systematic working routine/habits in managing tools (e.g. Visual FoxPro program, spreadsheet models, …) and performing monthly valuation (e.g. run controls form).


We provide training on Visual FoxPro, Spreadsheet Modeling, Word, Excel & PowerPoint – instead of throwing all technical terms to the trainees, we tailor each training session to our clients’ requirements. These training will be particular useful for those clients who do not have sufficient resources in providing organized & systematic on-the-job training (which is particularly crucial for new entries).

You may find out more about our training courses we have designed for business users in the following sub-section:

System Implementation

We provide supports especially being the main “communication bridge” between IT and business users/actuarial. Examples of our system implementation projects include (1) new system implementation & revamp of existing system, which we assisted the relevant business users to define & document the business rules; (2) setting up alternate processes for post sales illustration exercise, as the existing policy admin system is unable to support.


We provide technical supports on other types of actuarial works, such as business projection & pricing, to our clients who require additional resources in the event of insufficient staffs or short term project.